How to improve work-life balance of employees in SMEs through Groupon-like system?

A Groupon-like website that aims to promote work-life balance among SME employees. This website was built from scratch using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript language for the completion of Final Year Project in Temasek Polytechnic (TP) - sponsored by Singapore National Employer Federation (SNEF).

Year 2012
Role Project management, front-end development (HTML, CSS, Vanilla JS, PHP)
Mission Build a platform to stress the importance of implementing work life balance programmes for SMEs.
Tools Adobe Photoshop, Adobe DreamWeaver, Microsoft Office Tools

The 2012 Singapore National Day Rally stresses on the importance and benefits of work-life balance. It is important for employees to know what they want, such as flexible working hours or benefits.

Apart from flexible work arrangements companies are also looking into buffet-style benefits. Buffet-style benefits allow employees to choose the benefits that best suit them. An example would be UBS Bank whereby staffs were given employee points which can be used to exchange for child-care leave or sporting activities.

Working in a team of 5, we managed to deliver the fully-working e-commerce site (prototype) in less than 6 months. We also received some positive feedbacks from project collaborators, mentors and lecturers. Work Life Coupons was selected as TOP 5 projects for TP BIT Meeting The Young Minds event and it was featured in the campus news.

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