Habits Gestational Diabetes Moms (GDM)

How to personalize existing health monitoring application for gestational diabetes moms?

Habits Gestational Diabetes Mom (GDM) is an app that is extended from Habits app. It is targeted for pregnant women who develop diabetes during their pregnancy (gestation period). This app is developed as part of collaboration study with National University Hospital (NUH), Singapore.

Year 2017
Role User Research, Sketching, Wireframing, Screen Flows, Visual Design, Interaction Design
Mission Collaborate with healthcare professionals to better understand the users requirements, design a hi-fi prototype of new pages & app flow
Tools Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Zeplin, Invision, Notebook, Pen
Platform Android and iOS

Pregnant women aged 25 to 40 were the most diagnosed age group for gestational diabetes. The app is currently available for Singapore. However, it is still under clinical trial, so the use of the app is controlled and not available for public use yet.

The app adopts similar design style guideline as Habits Diabetes App. The only differences are the customization to the features. In the case of gestational diabetes, there are THREE additional important features, such as:

Connect with wireless weighing scale via Bluetooth
Link between blood glucose value with meals history
Reminders to track blood glucose and weight
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